Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

May 12, 2022 Carbon Neutral Tile Suppliers

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental health affects everyone in our lives at some point - you can reach always reach out to friends, family or even Bedrock Tiles for help and support through dark times.

We have your back with a network of agencies and charities created to challenge and overcome mental health, anxieties, low points and different aspects of ‘not feeling ok’!

Don't be alone, you would be surprised how many people sitting to the left or right of you right now, have had to or, are dealing with challenges that they can't quantise or begin to process. It's ok to feel like this, if these feelings start to become overwhelming then please, please, please talk to someone or call a specialist hotline such as the Samaritans - they are simply excellent at listening and offering tools to deal with what ever is on your plate right here and right now! 

If you need the Samaritans, they can be called for free on 116123 anytime as they are open 24/7! 


Bedrock Tiles are committed to our friends, family and clients. We care, we want to help so don't be alone, get in touch for a chat on 01604 330003