Clerkenwell Design Week 2022

May 17, 2022 Carbon Neutral Suppliers

Clerkenwell Design Week 2022

Bedrock will be heading for the world famous, three day long festival of design, appropriately named 'Clerkenwell Design Week' or CDW for short. 


There are a series of events we plan to attend, from Milliken, Orangebox and across to FreeWall so we're on the move. If you are down for the event and want to catch up, give us a call and we'll meet for coffee. 


This show always delivers an impact and zest throughout the interiors community. There is such a dense collective of materials, showrooms in the smallest radius, it really is hard to comprehend until you've visited. If you haven't been to Clerkenwell and Farringdon before then, CDW is a great time to do it because the 'signing in' regime isn't as tough therefore you can get around at your own pace. 


Have a good show, we'll see you there for sure!