RSPCA (Leicester)

A few words about the project

Working with a local Loughborough based architectural practice, who have recently completed a new building within the existing RSPCA centre on Scudamore Road, Leicester. The building was commissioned to allow for the unfortunate but increasing demand to accommodate distressed, homeless and/or abused rescue animals. The base, which has been in operation for a number of years, operates as a full charity/trust needing £14,000 per week to maintain its vital work.

With that in mind, as part of the brief we need to look at a solution that would offer them a cost effective commercial floor tile option that would also be durable amongst the sheer number of animals using the facilities. Initially the client looked into soft flooring because of the low cost it provides from the outset. However as a long term investment it would not provide the durability required under the constant rigor from the animals staying in the building.

It was therefore recommended and agreed to used commercial porcelain floor tiles with varying degrees of slip resistance that would offer the centre over 10 years worth of good use against un-kept claws and digging in bids for freedom. Furthermore the tiles chosen from Bedrock Tile's Technical 2 collection ensure ease of cleaning, an important requirement to help guarantee the safety of the animals using the facility.

Date: 03 January 2019

Client: RSPCA (Leicester)

Category: Commercial