Light Reflectance Reading (LRV) & Colour Matching

LRV and Colour Matching

Light Reflectance Reading (LRV) & Colour Matching

A few words about the service

Bedrock Tiles bring another service in house that is designed to suit our client’s needs. In the current climate, the pace of specification is moving faster than ever and here at Bedrock Tiles, we are on board with this and exploring opportunities that will aid the pace our clients need to source information at! Investing in a state of the art Light Reflectance Reader and colour library now allows us to measure colour across the different charts of reference used by many of our clients both here in the UK and Internationally.

An example would be where you need to specify a ceramic tile or porcelain tile that matches your projects interior colour scheme. Let’s say a graphic designer has generated a new brand identity for a business and used the colour Pantone 541 (Dark Blue – yes, shamefully we picked our brand colour!) and you as the Interior Designer or Architect have to incorporate this colour into your design then it is quite common to have the need to get an equivalent reading but as a RAL colour to use in the sourcing of paint, laminates, etc. Bedrock now are able to use our cutting edge Colour Measuring Machine to measure any colours and identify their RAL colour!

We then take all our potential colour match options in tiles, measure those and issue the very best colour matched tiles that will complement the brand concept - this is ground breaking for our industry!! Measuring LRV is imperative and very widely used to conform to the Equality Act 2008 for disabled people, including blind and visually impaired people but the ability to also facilitate a tiles matching to true colour service will take Interior Design, quite simply to the next level!

The Equality Act 2008 states that there should be a contrasting colour difference of 30 points between the colour of the floor to the colour of the wall. A simple demarcation line would be acceptable but that would need to be agreed to be fit for purpose from the building control or HSE executives at the time. If 30 points of tonal and colour difference is not achieved it technically makes the floor and wall blend into each other through the eyes of the visually impaired and ultimately they would be at risk of walking into the wall!

We offer this service free of charge to the A&D community. If you are from a non-commercial background, then we will invoice for the service and refund the charge at the time of placing your order.

For more information on anything you have read above, including the Equality Act 2008 then please feel free to give our team a call where we will be more than happy to help you.

Date: 03 September 2017