Interior Design

Interior Design

A few words about the service

Welcoming all Interior Design professionals to our website. Here you will find hundreds of creative, colourful and quite frankly a little different than you might e used to! Bedrock pride themselves on finding the best ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles available in the marketplace.

For creative inspo' or just to see how others used tiles, in varying colour and sizes in their projects, Bedrock have over 70 case studies of completed projects across all sectors in our projects sections: Commercial, Hospitality, Education and Residential. Feel free to get in touch with a member of our team for more information on any project in particular.

To finish on, Bedrock offer a tile sourcing service to SAVE YOU TIME, simply call or email a brief for the tiles you need in the most simplest of terms and we'll help you get what you need whilst you move onto other creative matters.


Date: 17 March 2019