Tie Rack & Rolling Luggage

A few words about the project

Bedrock Tiles would like to give special thanks and appreciation to the late Tie Rack group. Consisting of brands including Tie Rack, Rolling Luggage and The Collection it is a crying shame that evolution snapped to hard at the heels of this once revered collective. The brand collective was the first international roll out programe that Bedrock were involved with and set the platform for further work with different design practices across the world, Bedrock owe Tie Rack an eternity of gratitude for believing in us from a very early and untested phase in our company history. 

The majority of the projects for the group were in transport hubs so technically the advice given had to be sound due to the requirements of Airports both air-side and land-side, train stations and sea crossing ports. 

The tiles used across the group and indeed, across different countries varied but we would be happy to discuss what they used and why they needed the particular specification in detail if you reach out to us.

Date: 12 January 2019

Client: Tie Rack & Rolling Luggage

Category: Hospitality, Leisure & Retail