Purity Bar (Birmingham)

A few words about the project

The Purity Bar in Birmingham city centre is now open for business and looks stunning! Bedrocks clients whom are located in Birmingham have used commercial wall tiles with a timely feel which blend together making this project an elegant, light crisp space that has a shabby edge for Purity's clients to socialise in.

The pace of Birmingham which includes the cities business quarter is quite often described as nothing short of relentless so the ability to find a serene break out space has been hailed a 'breath of fresh air' by some of the bars clients on the day of Bedrocks visit.

The Reclaimed Collection was specified to be included as the commercial wall coverings and give a relaxed vibe whilst upholding sophistication. For more information about this collection or any other project details then feel free to give the Bedrock office a call.

Date: 03 January 2019

Client: Purity Bar (Birmingham)

Category: Hospitality, Leisure & Retail