Brooklyn (Manchester)

A few words about the project

The Brooklyn Hotel was an interesting project, it is one of the few occasions that Bedrock were unsuccessful after supplying this test room for the Marshal Construction Group in Elland, Yorkshire. Unfortunately the budget for these tiles were too high for the contractors, unrealistic concept of what good quality, European tiles actually cost. 

A strong example of how a reputable business such as Bedrock, know how to walk away from a project that is simply on a very difficult path to completion using the systems they have put in place. Good luck guys, you'll need every single strand of it to deliver the project on the budget you have allocated. 

The Terrazzo style porcelain tiles used in this hotel test room were custom produced to suit the urbanism needed to meet the Manhattan themed concept. The ceramic tiles were from our Flash  collection.

Date: 11 January 2019

Client: Brooklyn (Manchester)

Category: Hospitality, Leisure & Retail