World Wellbeing Week - Mindfulness and Karma at Bedrock

May 22, 2020

World Wellbeing Week - Mindfulness and Karma at Bedrock

This week (week commencing May 18th) was Mental Health Awareness Week and it brought home a series of thoughts and discussions that heighten the awareness of mental health, well-being, and our need for a balanced, happy life.


We strive to understand what the best balance between work and play is allowing the mind to create and innovate at the highest level which of course, is personal!


We find ourselves in this perpetual cycle of constantly ‘keeping up’ rather than having and enjoying an enriched life you might see from time to time within others…


The question we find ourselves asking is: “How do those people do it?”


When asking questions like this, our subconscious registers a level of inability: why can’t we have that balance? Everyone can. It is only a result of a series of complimenting circumstances.


Wellbeing in the workplace can be achieved by a few different methods. If you are working with a team or you oversee a department then your approach to your staff is critical! There are continually members of the team of all ages, this translates to varying levels of creative thinking. Embracing everybody’s way of thinking gives you choices in a business, whilst not all of those thoughts and ideas will come to be the one chosen for that particular scheme, design or incentive. This will enhance the business’s ability to communicate to the target audience at that particular time. When the team do well and feel good then, inherently, their feeling of well-being is heightened. This concept encompasses a level of team interaction and the well-being of the team is elevated making the results more noticeable.


If you are working in a team or for a company, think about how your well-being can be maintained. Is it that you have a spacious office, is it the brand of coffee, nice office chair, is it that you have good IT? You might have noticed that each of the items I just mentioned are all objects, material items but well-being is everything.


The interaction of your teammates, colleagues or managers makes up so much of the well-being bubble that it is incredible. Can you remember how good it felt on those occasions where your information, your input, really made the difference to what you were working on at the time as a team? At that point, your well-being must have been high!


Wellbeing is everywhere and for everyone. We touched on only a couple of things that we feel create, maintain and deliver well-being in the workplace and indeed, our own psyche. We strongly recommend that you look into this for yourself.