Trends in Tiles 2020

January 01, 2020

Trends in Tiles 2020

Whether you’re finalising an important project for a client or just keeping up to date with the trends, our list of 2020’s trends in tiles will bring a boost of inspiration or just confirm your suspicions as to what the people like in tiles this year!

Here’s a list of the trends and our take on it. Have a look and tell us which one suits you:


Colourful palettes
Our clients have really appreciated Classic Blue as it’s Pantone’s Colour of the year 2020, coral, deep greens and pale orange nuances to create a relaxing look for their projects.


Wood-look tiles

The tile industry has seen in recent years a shift towards emulating natural materials such as wood, which is another in-demand look for various projects. We expect this to be a staple for 2020 and the following years, in personal and business projects alike.


Gemstone and precious materials

Recent developments in tile technology have brought us some incredible tiles, mimicking precious materials such as semi-precious stones, Akoya pearls, rare marbles and even gold. These tiles look luxurious and opulent and are guaranteed to lift the profile of any project.

Marble looks great when paired with contemporary interior design, so it’s not a surprise that it will make one of 2020’s top trends. The modern adaptation of marble is perfect for any project with a contemporary look.

Quartz has been a long time favourite of ours and this year it will continue to be trending. It is perfectly suited for counter tops due to its durability and resistance to moisture and stains. Our selection is not to be missed!


Different shaped tiles

Different shaped tiles bring different settings with them. This will bring character to any project with a simple change in shape and a major change in the outcome.


Chic-Industrial and embossed tiles

If your project requires a pared down palette, experiment with texture. This trend offers hard wearing materials in subdued tones, bringing a unique look to any project. The perfect platform to any modern project!



From big slabs to large patterns, maximalism is focused on bringing volume.

This year, we will observe a shift towards bigger patterns in tiles, as the industry gravitates towards it. The applications for bigger patterns are varied and whichever project you are working on, a big pattern can be the focus of it.

A larger piece can be a conversation starter, as many of them have incredible detailing.


Terrazzo, Patterns and Mixed Media

Terrazzo is an all time favourite ours due to its many applications. Terrazzo in 2020 has vibrant colours and specks, a refreshing look for this year.

Bright tiles, funky colours, interesting shapes and patterns. A conversation starter or the perfect platform for your project. Have a look at our take on it.