June 05, 2020



The SENSOR collection is an innovative wall tile system which incorporates a non-visible sensor, allowing activation on approach without the need for any contact of various kinds of electronic devices. It is suitable for public and residential spaces, indoors and outdoors.

Everyday tasks such as turning a light on, turning on a tap, activating an alarm, making an emergency call, operating blinds have become routines which are simpler, safer, more accessible to people with reduced motricity and mobility. A symbol appearing on the porcelain surface - with a night light indicating the sensor activation location – has a light texture, allowing touch identification for people who are blind or partially sighted.


How does it work?  

The SENSOR system is composed of a porcelain coating with a sensor (dimmer or ON/OFF).

It operates by means of an invisible compact sensor attached to the masonry (rear of the tile), which is connected to an electronic controller box located in the standard electrical box already in the building. There is no need to drill holes into the wall to implement this system. The electronic controller box may be connected to a simple electrical power source or to an automated system.

The wall tile porcelain is laid using a magnetic adhesion system, allowing easy access by using suckers to remove the piece and put it back again. A porcelain switch - 10 x 10 cm format - may also be used on the existing coating (paintwork, other porcelain coatings, etc).


Why would I use this innovation?

Given the current climate and modern needs of spaces, we think that streamlining and limiting contact with surfaces will make this a great innovation to any project. There are no buttons, no keys and it can be implemented within technologically advanced settings to improve automation.


Detailed Advantages:

Greater hygiene for the user: Avoids propagation of bacteria in public spaces

Inclusive design: Greater accessibility and comfort for people with reduced mobility and motricity, blind or partially sighted design.

Wide range of uses: The properties of porcelains, combined with the low voltage system, allows for installation in locations which are off-limits for traditional electrical apparatus (e.g. damp areas).

Greater architectural integration

High Resistance to use

Easy to install

Easy cleaning and maintenance


To sum it up: our SENSOR tiles are becoming increasingly prevalent and our clients have started to request them in more and more projects than ever. This has led us to believe that the right way forward is to find solutions that are technologically advanced and limit exposure to factors that may affect public health.