Looking back!!

October 10, 2017 Gotham Hotel Manchester

Looking back!!

We were having a discussion earlier today about some of the fabulous projects that Bedrock have worked on over the last couple of years and come to an idea! We've discussed that each week moving forwards on the lead up to Christmas we will publish choice from each of the team here. This weeks cut is from Bedrocks founder, Pete Brown. 

He passes comment on the project:

"Gotham was a technical masterpiece to deliver! An exquisite design from our client transforming a shell of a building into a hive of exuberant activity in the heart of Manchester's city centre. Growing up in the north west, I get the feeling that the hotel creates with dark, moody undertones running through the project....class! From a logistical point of view, the centre of Manchester is on par with the City of London but overall my colleagues delivered a solid performance and we can only thank the owners of Gotham Hotel and the designers for working with Bedrock and we're looking forward to the next one!" 

Gotham Hotel - Full Case Study & project images