October 02, 2018 Thin Porcelain Tiles


 For all old people out there - 'Insta' is short for the social media platform Instagram! Whilst it's a bit tricky keeping up with each new social platform that launches every three weeks of which, of course everyone is supposed to be a black belt in understanding. You can therefore be forgiven for missing a few new launches in order to keep up a 'good' presence on the 25,000 social networks which feel like, you're already being bombarded from with notifications. 

Are you coming under flack for continually being on your phone in the office, or are you constantly looking at the team you pay good money to turn up to work for with a slight air of scepticism that the constant stare into the 6" screen is actually producing any 'measurable' results?

Bedrock are starting to use with a little more gusto, the Insta' platform to bring images of anything and everything to do with Bedrock, materials, operating gems and friends of Bedrock - you might even get the odd super-advanced shot of the new trend material from this years Cersaie through the forthcoming months! 

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