Hexagons keep a strong design presence

July 10, 2020 Northampton Tile Showroom

Hexagons keep a strong design presence

Hexagons, Hexagons, Hexagons!!


Not knowing what is happening around us on the world stage with matters of viral outbreaks or politics is somewhat unnerving on the best of days but what we should focus on is getting the absolute best from our designs. 

What makes the difference in Interior Design schemes? Everyone rightfully has their own answer to this because everyone's tastes are unique and personalised to them. On occasion a concept will come through that unifies design, lasts for an eternity and offers the most creative freedom you can probably gain when thinking what to specify. 

Not that the trusted 'hexagon' needs any introduction because it has been around for what feels like forever.

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Here are some new collections that incorporate different, individual and personable hexagon tile designs. 

Bon-Bon Collection - Fun, colourful Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles for fun design

Dex-Hex Collection - The future is here, 3D profile hexagons with bold, sold and metallic colours

Imperial Collection - Impressive marbles with a selection of marbles to suit your Interiors

Rome 2.0 - Incredibly creative large format hexagons

Vintage Hex - a vintage hexagon tile that is simply elegant and completely specifiable! 

If you need any help or information to specify hexagon tiles then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team as we would love to help you!