Engraving, Etching & Sandblasting!!

June 29, 2015 Commercial_Wall_And_Floor_Tiles

Engraving, Etching & Sandblasting!!

The Oxfordshire based design team who have a long term relationship with Bedrock Tiles called recently to ask how we could perhaps include corporate identity into a pretty cool concept they had worked up.

We have to admit, we presented some previous case studies and the design team then run their concept through to design and we returned their vision, exactly how they needed it.

This particular project is due to complete in the next couple of weeks, we'll be asking permission to present it to our clients through our website and of course, will keep you posted on the developments.

In the meantime, the tile sizes we present in the project images below are 600x300mm and 1500x250mm. Rosebery School was a great case study, you can read more here.