Designing Safe Workplaces in the Corona Virus Pandemic

May 15, 2020

Designing Safe Workplaces in the Corona Virus Pandemic

What a difference a couple of months make! Whilst we could not have expected this corona virus pandemic, there is still specifying to be done.


You might ask along with everyone else designing a project right now:

"Why are we designing this building right now, what is the purpose in this climate and is anyone going to come back to use this superb workplace that we are involved with designing?!"


It is ok to feel this way, there is a lot of confusion out there, we need to step up and start to design projects with spatial distance for colleagues and visitors whom us the building in mind.


What can we do and how do we remain a sense of safety within world class design?


It is simple, it is always about colour and tonality. There are subtle methods of creating safe zones and demarcation areas for social distancing. We would recommend the use of our Colours Collection or Doric Collection as they have a combined total of 70 different tile colour choices.


Most tile collections that Bedrock Tiles promote, have a selection of colour tones from light to dark in a wide-ranging choice of sizes and finishes.


Ok, that deals with how to design social distancing in the workplace, but it does not address how we can reduce the bacteria level in our property by designing the right building products. Bedrock recently launched two major innovations which will reduce the accessibility for bacteria to harbour in your property.


The first was anti-bacterial tiles, you can read more about that in the recent Bedrock Tiles news article.


The second is to go large, make the tiles you specify as big as you can afford! When the tiles go larger there are inherently less grout joints. Modern tile grout has fantastic anti-fungal and moisture resisting qualities, but the human minds perception is that they carry a lot of bacteria.


Feel free to check out our Porcelain Slab Tiles, an amazing opportunity to clad a whole wall or floor in these oversized, large format tiles.


If you need any more information or ideas on how to ensure your workplace is Covid-Secure then feel free to get in touch with the Bedrock Tiles team.