March 30, 2020 Bedrock Tiles


Bedrock Tiles – Covid-19 / Corona Virus


What a difference a month makes!


It is not uncommon to be thrown a challenge in life or business but when a pandemic hits the world then, there is simply nothing one can do except to heed the advice of our Government.


Covid-19 is a nasty piece of work, it is a Corona virus that doesn’t discriminate – it wants to kill us and cause us serious health problems. The virus is highly contagious and spreads to 3 people from one person therefore it will if not managed, overwhelm the NHS before the peak of the outbreak. Social distancing has worked in our workplace after the guidance for spatial distance was indicated as a requirement to slow down the transmission rates. Bedrocks Covid-19 policy was working quite well until the lock down was announced.


Bedrock are taking this lock down seriously; our team is Furlough from the close of business on the 31st March 2020. For the last week, following the announcement from our Prime Minister the right honorable Mr Johnson on Tuesday 24th March 2020, we have operated from our homes respectively with one person travelling to the office to manage the sample requests for a limited time only during the day.


Working in specification, Bedrock are experts at looking forward into the future as we have developed skills over the years managing long term projects, this however is a different kettle of fish as there are no ‘guaranteed’ time frames as to how long this might last for we had to make the decision to Furlough due to the following challenges with supply and demand, the fundamentals of business: (at the time of writing)



  • Italy is closed – we’re unsure when it will open but the 6th of April is when the decree will be reviewed
  • Spain is closed – this is effective from today (March 30th) and will be for a minimum of two weeks, the review will/should be 13th April
  • Portugal – is the same situation as Spain although not officially closed yet
  • UK Wholesale – still open but limited to the UK staying open for business or people contracting the virus and unable to continue offering a reliable service



  • Most construction sites are now closed following the government deeming them as non-essential services
  • Showroom – certain areas of our showroom doesn’t comply with social distancing rules
  • Online – the need for non-essential materials are low on priority, people are managing their finances to a penny now and into the foreseeable future.


As you see the supply and demand isn’t balanced therefore whilst we’re still able to work there’s not enough demand or future certainty to retain everyone outside of Furlough.


Please keep in touch, send through anything you need help with as Pete Brown is still working from his bunker at his home.


In times of solidarity, let us assure you that we can get through this together and provided we adopt the rules outlined on the government’s website, we will get through it a whole lot quicker.


Good luck everyone, stay safe and speak soon.


Bedrock Tiles Ltd


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