55 Colmore Row completes and looks awesome!

April 04, 2017 Commercial Tiles

55 Colmore Row completes and looks awesome!

55 Colmore Row has to be the longest standing project on Bedrock Tiles forecast, spanning back almost 6 years from the initial design through to completion! Bedrock says the wait was worth it, with amazing commercial porcelain tiles, stunning timely building features that have been fully restored and a relative colour branding running through the building, spread through to every detail. 

Bedrock Tiles supplied all the tiles across the building, working closely with the architectural and design teams to bring the commercial tiles suitable to the project to the forefront and liaising with the main contractors Morgan Sindall to ensure deliveries were made on time, every time right up to the critical end stage where a few express deliveries were needed to save the day. 

For more information on this project then feel free to get in touch with Bedrock and we will be happy to discuss it further. 

Ranges used were: Tabby, Tempo, Whites and Time.