20mm Porcelain Tiles For Your Project

July 24, 2020 Tile Showroom

20mm Porcelain Tiles For Your Project

Summer is here, are you outdoors enjoying the sun?


With the summer well and truly here, are you finding some time to enjoy the garden or pub garden at the least. With the 4-month lockdown, Bedrock has noticed that there has been an exponential demand for 20mm thick porcelain tiles.


These 20mm porcelain slab tiles are perfect for lifting an external floor to be at the same level as your internal space. Ideal for complying to the Equality ACT 2010 of achieving same level floors where possible for wheelchair users. The delight of having a tile system that can be used on pedestals, dry laid in stones, shale, or sand and in a more conventional manner, adhered to a slab.


20mm porcelain slab tiles are manufactured to the highest European standards and available in so many formats. Whilst Bedrock Tiles are getting the marketing information together, we are very much delivering and consulting on this ever-popular tile format.


The choice is vast, the designs are special, here are a few collections that offer a 20mm thick porcelain tile alongside their regular, 10mm thick, tile format……….


Exmouth Collection – Beautiful fossilised stone, with warm organic tones for timeless design


Dawlish Collection – Sister collection to Exmouth, the difference is minimal fossils and a more balanced and even design


Digbeth Collection – Industrious, stripped back concrete look tiles that are perfect for all   urban style designs


Keep tuned into our products section to see more developing ranges coming through or indeed, existing collections expanding their current offer to welcome onboard 20mm porcelain tiles.