Welcome to Bedrock Tiles

Bedrock Tiles are recovering from a significant website breech! The website was down for two weeks and a lot of content is being replaced - for more information see our news story

Bedrock Tiles began on August 2nd 2011, deep in the Great Recession and have risen over the years to become creative suppliers of innovative and sustainable floor and wall tiles for commercial and residential projects. Bedrock Tiles are a motivated, focused Commercial Tile Company with a passion for what we do. We offer a consultative approach and will always look to listen to our clients in order to achieve their vision for their projects commercial tiles requirements.

Having a strong team at Bedrock Tiles the office is equipped to offer you an amazing experience when purchasing commercial porcelain or ceramic tiles, with friendly and dedicated team members. Bedrock Tiles have expanded in 2016 to continue delivering on the high level service commitment to Bedrocks clients, they moved into a large warehousing facility in the heart of Northampton town center. Bedrock have now got the space to efficiently deliver commercial floor and wall tiles to projects of all scales, with the added capability to store tiles for significant roll out programs across all industry sectors.

We are a modern thinking team and embrace new methods and technologies relating to innovative and sustainable tiles production techniques for all types of hard surfaces, including commercial porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone and mosaic tiles. Our market place continually changes, therefore, we need to strive to continue to offer the most cutting edge collections available from across Europe and the world. We are currently pleased to be one of the leading suppliers of thin porcelain tiles.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we are able to achieve in by presenting in differing ways, therefore please be sure to check in from time to time. Enjoy our website and feel free to request additional information you may need.